Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Trying Not To Be That Guy

I have been casting a wide net trying to grab as much information that could help me in my Great Divide Project. Endurance Racing Forum has a Great Divide thread that has been of great help, but I see that I may be part of a growing problem. Due to the fact that the big guns of this race Mike Curiak, Pete Bassinger, Matthew Lee and Kent Peterson all frequent the site it has become too easy to hound these guys with questions about which rims, which lights, how many motels are there on the route, should I use a bivy or a tent, saddle choices, water filter or chlorine tablets? And the questions just keep coming.
I feel bad because I am sure these guys don't participate in the forum for the purpose of answering questions. Exchange of information is one thing, but this is so one sided that it doesn't feel right. I am going to make an effort to not abuse the forum. I am lucky that I have a long lead in to my race so there will be plenty of time for trial and error.

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