Monday, February 12, 2007

February Begins A Little Late

After a dark week filled with illness, work stress and general sloth I feel victorious. This morning I got on my bike and tooled around a bit before meeting up with John for a ride out to eat at Taco Tumbras' new sit down restaurant. The legs felt good even if the lungs are still not reacting properly. The weather seems to be acting like the evil road conditions of January are permanently behind us. It was 45 degrees with some late afternoon sunshine and puffy clouds that make me think of Spring.
I did some studying of the calendar and have begun looking at the months ahead in blocks. It is 7 weeks until my daughters spring break, it is another 8 weeks after that before the local 24 hour race which takes place just 4 miles from my house and 3 more after that until the 2007 GDR begins.
I don't know when my new bike will land but I bet it will be before the 24 hour race. Having a new machine will inspire me to enter the race but the bike will more than wipe out the budget to pay for the race. I may need to get creative. Last year I did not do the race and instead did some late night spectating which was hard to do. Seeing all those people with their midnight vacant stares made me wish I was right there with them. Of course the next morning as I laid in bed listening to the all day rainstorm, I thought differently.
Either way, there are some other opportunities to do some epic riding before the the GDR. I still hope to get up to Rooseville for the start to do some recon as well as cheer on this year's racers. Pre-riding the the first day or two would be a good shakedown for my gear as well as a nice little adventure to mark the beginning of summer.

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