Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bike Build Parts List

While I was hunkered down with cold I finished the first draft of my parts list for the new bike. The first thing that I thought about looking at the list of components was that it looked like a parts geek list. I have always been about utility over fashion and focused on riding more than than the ride. The list shows that I have thought more about bike parts in the last two weeks than I have in the last ten years. But is it a bad thing?
I know that once this bike is put together I am not going to be checking out the 2008 Interbike for upgrades I can make. Whatever cranks I put on the bike will be on there for a long time. Obviously they should be of good quality and built to last but they should also come with as many other advantages as possible. I chose the Paul Component brakes for the ease of adjustment. I am have little patience for any maintenance and anything that can make wrench time go easier is something that will benefit me for years and years.
Some decisions were made based on experience, I will never buy another pair of Paul Hubs (those aluminum threads hate me), shimano chains are stupid, acs claw freewheels may be the best miles/price ratio in a bike drivetrain and 4 pairs of Time Pedals have never failed me even though I always buy the cheaper ones.
The only thing that I did not have a solid direction on was rims. I got some good advice from Simon at Wheelsport about Dt Swiss TK.1 rims and when I looked them up on google I find a glowing review from Mike Curiak. I can't argue with that.
Right now I am still feeling uneasy about the investment involved in this bike but that discomfort should be eased with every mile. A couple of years down the line I will have developed a relationship with the bike and I will be glad that I made the effort to do it right when I could.
The Parts List:
Brake levers Paul LPZ compact silver
brakes Paul Motolite Z Brakes
crankset RaceFace Evolve XC SS X Type
Headset Chris King 1/8 BLK
Seatpost Thomson Elite 28.6x250
Stem Thomson Elite 1 1/8 X ??deg ??mm
Seat Fizik Gobi
freewheel ACS 16t
freewheel ACS 17t
chain Sram PC-1
cable housing Nokon
tires WTB Nanoraptor 29
handlebar Surly Torsion Bar
grips Ergon Race Mag
bottle cages Steel 3 total
Pedals Time Atac Alium
phil wood SS front Bolt-On,
Phil Wood SS FW/FW Bolt-On,
rims Dt Swiss TK.1 32/36 non disc
black spokes Dt Swiss Competition
black nipples Dt Swiss Competition

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