Monday, February 26, 2007

Long Rides In Long Pants

Ben Rocks The Dickie's While The Hail Comes Down

The first half of February was a total loss. Between a week of illin' illness, Valentine's Day (the busiest day of the year in our restaurant) and the coming and going of three kitchen staff members, I could hardly think of biking let alone do any of it. The good news for me is that the second half of this abbreviated month has gone well. Rode out to Coeur d' Alene (82 miles) and whereas my 39x17 felt a little under geared for the flat ride, I managed to keep my cadence up. Riding on my single speed with fenders, a rack and a twenty pound backpack looked odd next to Ben's all carbon fiber speed machine. The flashiness of his bike was held in check by his riding attire: Dickies work pants with reinforced knees. I like the fact that I know people who get up in the morning knowing they are going to ride 80 miles and they choose a pair of Dickies from the General Store. Ben was also sporting some Lamont gloves he found at the same General Store.
The ride itself was not great. 14 inches of fresh powder at the ski hill on Sunday ruined me. A solid day of moguls in deep snow left gravel in my kneecaps. I suspect that my legs will be back to normal tomorrow. This next week I am hoping to get some miles in on the fixed gear. The monster gear I have on that bike should help me keep up with the geared riders a little better.

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