Monday, February 19, 2007

The Complete Street Project

Over a year ago I found myself bored of the same old routes around town. I found that when I got off of my regular streets I always ran into something interesting. Not afraid of over thinking something, I decided to keep track of the streets that I have biked down. I bought a city street atlas and a highlighter pen and have kept it in my backpack ever since. This project to ride every street in the city is a good idea but in practice it really sucked. I tried to be diligent about it for the first six months or so. I would pick a neighborhood and go back and forth and up and down through the predetermined area.
As you would imagine this makes for some boring riding. I eventually abandoned this method and chose to pick different routes to familiar destination. The problem is that at some point I forgot the atlas was in my pack (it is a big backpack with many unnecessary things inside). Last week while searching for a zip-tie deep in the cavernous bag, I came across the map book. I took a few minutes to update some streets that I have done since the last time I remembered to mark my progress. I have vowed to do some more work on the project and as long as I keep the map handy there is a real chance that I just may do it.

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