Tuesday, May 1, 2007

April Training In Review

April is over so it is time to reflect on my training. In March, I did 800 miles of riding and reason would suggest that I would do more in April, but it would be wrong. I did a seemingly anemic 650 miles for the whole month. Looking closer at the numbers it doesn't look so bad. During my week long vacation at the start of the month, I biked a total of 86 miles. During the remainder of the month, the weekly mileage dropped significantly from the previous month's average and I logged 12 hours a week rather than March's 14-15 hours. In March very few days of mountain biking were ridden versus April's comparative dirt fest; two off road rides over five hours and a couple of fast 2 hour rides each week. Add to the singletrack riding a severe increase in feet climbed (a GPS would be a nice thing to have) and the picture of a successful month becomes clearer.
The fact is that I am in better shape at the beginning of May than I was at the beginning of April. I have not struggled to make myself train and I am recovering from rides faster and more completely. May will be a little goofy because it looks like I may be selling my mtn bike before the new one is built so the trail riding will diminish. May should mark the beginning of regular overnight rides. I don't suspect they will do much for padding the mileage, the purpose is to test equipment, pinpoint issues and enjoy sleeping under the stars. I have my fingers crossed for June being the new bike month which should result in an explosion of riding. Then again I thought that was going to happen in May so perhaps I should just not think about that.

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