Monday, April 30, 2007

The Long Fix

Rode the Fixie over to CDA (90 miles). It was windy (10-15 mph headwinds), we rode fast (20-24 mph) and the 49x16 gear kicked my ass. A whole lot of food and an hour nap later and I feel pretty good.
I had been contemplating selling the fixed to help pay for the new bike. Today's ride was an attempt to see if this bike has a legitimate training purpose. One of the reasons I got the bike was so that I could have a big gear workout to balance out all the mad spinning I normally do. The test results will come in a few days when I should either be feeling like an unstoppable climbing machine on the mountain bike or I will be nursing some sore knees.
I have never had knee problems despite all the singlespeeding and I worry that this bike, at least the way it is set up now, could result in my kneecaps getting ground down like a mortar and pestle.
I could just keep the bike for the pure fun of it but I know that no matter how many bikes I have, I never ride more than two and one of them is always my Hakkalugi. With the new bike soon to be getting all of the attention, the reality is that the fixie will be getting only the occasional joy ride but never the attention it deserves. I like to have bikes that get ridden, bikes that are ridden a lot.
If I do keep the fix than I am going to slap a 17t or 18t on the back to help with the grinding. I don't think it will make it any slower it will just make the cadence more to my liking.

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