Friday, May 11, 2007

Gear: Lightsabre Bivy

Got my first piece of camping gear for the GDR. I have mentally divided all the gear for the race into camping, bike related and clothing. As for the camping gear there really isn't much to get because the GDR is about riding not luxuriating around a campfire enjoying s'mores and hot dogs. The camping comes down to what I call the Sleep System. Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad and Bivy. With the kind support of Brian, I am the proud owner of a lightsabre bivy from Black Diamond. It really is more like a really small one person tent with it's 27 inches of headroom, but at 1 lb 10 oz it is compact and light. I choose it also because it is possible to use the poles for the head space without staking out the unit. I like freestanding tents.
I have the bivy set up in the backyard as the silicone seam seal is drying. I may not get out this weekend but I will get in an overnighter within the week.

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