Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Solitude Is Good For You

Ben Delaney posted a link to this article about the psychological need for solitude. I love the premise of this article and have been a proponent of solitude as therapy for a long time. I believe that at least once a year people should be alone in a wilderness setting for a day or more. The internet and cell phones have helped our fear of aloneness. I do not think that these high tech communication devices are the devil tools, but they make it easier to not seek out the solitude that used to come easily in small doses before the era of super connectivity took over the world. I believe that the more people experience quiet time the more they will see the value of it. I enjoy listening to my iPod during long road rides but find that even the disembodied voices of NPR podcasts get in the way of fully enjoying a ride through the mountains.
The notion of solitude is something that every GDR rider must honestly enjoy. I recall Kent Peterson's story of sharing some riding time with another racer during the GDR and despite the pleasantness of the conversation, once they parted ways he felt that things were back to normal.

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Patrick Blaine said...

Good points, Dave.

I try to get alone with nature as often as possible...a quick drive into the Angeles Crest National Forest always does the trick. Its right behind my apartment complex.

Im very impressed with this new race you are training for! Good luck! I hope I can come up for a visit sometime soon. Id love to see ya.