Friday, April 13, 2007

Morning Ride With Friends

If you need a good workout in a short amount of time grab a single speed. Then call two of the hardest riding mountain bike riders you know and have them bring their full suspension, geared superbikes. Let them choose a twisting, rock-studded trail that you have never ridden so that you have to spin like mad to catch up whenever the trail straightens out. Since you might have a chance at making up some time on the hills, break a tooth on your rear cog so that whenever you commit to a big push the chain skips, forcing you to ride smooth and slow up the hills when possible and when it's not, jump off and run. Continue for two to three hours.
Shower, eat and go to work.

1 comment:

bentography said...

Anyone that shows up for a mountain bike ride with only one gear either showed up with the wrong bike or they are telling you before hand they mean business. In David's case, its all business.