Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Dave Nelson sent this letter out and I think it is worth repeating:

I realize this email will not win me any popularity contests but I would like to ask everyone to please ride responsibly (as always) and reconsider riding some trails in town when they are muddy. I had thought about sending this email out a few weeks ago when the CCC river trail (aka “Little Vietnam) was under water at Riverside but didn’t, and now I wish I had. Now that the water has receded there are a few areas that are very muddy and one in particular has gone from being single track 5 years ago to being over 15 feet wide with ruts all through it. Most of the trails here in town do not support riding in mud and only become much wider and/or rutted when they are ridden. Please use common sense when riding during the spring thaw and subsequent rains because what we do now as riders can affect our access here in the future. It is very difficult for me to approach a land manager asking permission to build or maintain a trail when things like this happen. If we have to refrain from using a trail for several weeks until it can support riding then that is the best thing to do- like it or not. We need to police our own so that others do not have to do it for us. Please; whether you agree with me or not, refrain from riding excessively muddy trails and if you do come to a muddy area ride thru it and not around it, and if you see others doing the wrong thing respectfully set them straight. I know a lot of people are riding the 24 hour course to get ready for this years race but unless the muddy areas are allowed to rehabilitate they will be closed off to everyone. I realize that more than just bikes use the trail however it is the wheel ruts and trail widening that WE do that I am concerned with. Again- please use common sense and restraint when you chose what trails to ride this spring. A couple weeks of restraint may be all it takes to keep the trail in great shape.
Also- for anyone interested in helping out with some trail work at Riverside, we will be meeting at the upper parking lot on Aubrey While across from the Bowl & Pitcher this Sunday at 1:00 pm. If enough people show I would like to also work on the mud pits in Little Vietnam in the hopes that they will be ready for the 24 hour race. If that section is a huge mud hole this year I don’t expect it will be part of the course as it will not sustain the damage.

David Nelson
V.P. Fat Tire Trail Riders Club

I think that Dave is making a solid point that most of us agree with. In this area, with the soil and climate that we have, mud is not much of a problem so asking to avoid muddy trails is not a big deal, especially in Riverside where there are very few trails that get muddy.

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