Friday, April 20, 2007

Sitting By The Phone

While the GDR community is all abuzz about whether to allow cell phones (the basic fact is cell phones are only allowed if you don't use them, if you use them then you have DQ'd yourself) I am more concerned about whether I will have a bike.
On January 22 I had a phone conversation with Doug Curtiss of Curtlo. We went over the bike and body measurements I had sent him. He told me to send him some photos of me on my present bike and half of the money for the frame. On the 24th of January I did both. The last question I had for Doug was "what is the turn around time on a frame." I asked so that I had some reference point, so I could put the bike out of my mind until it was time to start thinking about ordering all the parts I have selected. Doug told me 10 weeks. He also said that the next step in the process would be him getting ahold of me to go over the drawings of the frame. After the drawing had been approved then it would be on to fabrication.
That was the last time I talked with Doug. Almost three weeks ago I sent him an email asking what the status of the build was. No response. Last Monday I left a voice mail message asking the same thing. No response. Short of driving to Winthrop and knocking on his door I don't know what to do.
I understand that independent frame builders have a reputation for working at their own pace and often being behind schedule but I am disconcerted by the lack of communication. Had he told me this was going to take 10 months I wouldn't even be thinking about it right now.
I even went as far as to scour the internet for news that could help explain the silence. Skiing accident, FBI raid, big lottery win. In another week I may call the local bike shop in Winthrop and ask them if they know what is going on.
BTW, the deposit check was promptly deposited.

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