Saturday, July 5, 2008

The End

A full write-up on my experiences will be coming, but for now I would like to give some details about my departure.
Despite having some knee problems in Wyoming I had high hopes and lots of energy heading into Colorado. Once in Colorado, I realized I wasn't digesting my food right and my energy disappeared. By the time I crawled into Steamboat I knew I had more than a sour stomach. I got a motel room and hoped to take a day to recover.
By morning, I was in a terrible state. I was no longer thinking about the race I was just hoping to get myself to a hospital. I was extremely fortunate that I was in a town with medical service when this happened. Isabella from the Nordic Motel took me to the Emergency Room and within a minute I was getting hooked up to an I.V.
My fever was 104 degrees when I was in the ER and remained above 100 for more than 24 hours. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was given an antibiotic that has wiped me out more than any day on the Great Divide.
The initial test for Giardia was negative but all other possible bacteria are still pending. At this point it is just as likely that it is Salmonella or E. Coli as a waterborne illness.
It is sad to think about not finishing the race but I really did have a good time while I was in it. The biggest surprise was the camaraderie that I experienced during the ride. The times that I shared with Geoff, Simon, Carl and Jenn will always be my favorites.


Jason said...

David, thanks for letting all of your loyal readers take part in your adventure. It was inspiring to see your steady (and often surprisingly rapid) progress on the Spot tracker every day you were riding. I'm relieved that you pulled through okay after your health took such a dramatic turn and look forward to hearing further details about your ride once you get a chance.

John Speare said...

David: great run. I'm looking forward to your ride report. I'm amazed at the idea of the GDR race; anyone who gives it a go has my admiration.
Any idea on how the bug got delivered: via water or food?

Cloud Cartographer said...

Hey David, glad you made it out alive. So sorry that a health issue took out your race but so relieved to hear that you were able to get the medical help you needed. As an armchair GDR fan I've been lurking on your blog for almost a year and really enjoyed checking in every now and then. So thanks, while I may never race the GDR or even tour the whole thing my hat is off to you and looking forward to reading your report. Also looking forward to hearing if you choose to try the race again. Have Fun

bror said...

Hey Pal - I was keeping track of your progress every day, constantly clicking the refresh button on the GDR blog, your spot page and eagerly awaiting the next edition of MTBCast hoping to catch your voice on the call in. The time difference here in Budapest meant that about mid-afternoon here was morning there so I would keep a browser window open on your spot page and track your progress; I was pounding the keyboard as you were pounding the trail. I think we all knew something was up when your signal stopped in Steamboat.

I'm really proud of you and the effort you gave it - and I'm bummed that you could not finish, regardless of the reason. No matter, you had an awesome time and I know for myself, as a "virtual passenger" on your ride, I had an awesome time too. Thanks for taking us all along.

Hope you are recovering well. My best to Erica and Lydia and the rest of your family.

A very proud,
Dave from Hungary

PS – the GDR is a long way from your Dad’s rock-hopper in Freemont days!

jennifer n said...

Wow, what an effort, all the training and preparing—I can’t imagine!
I really looked forward to watching your SPOT and the MTB cast call-ins every day. So glad you were able to get good medical help when you need it.

Geoff said...

hope you're recovering quickly. sure is tough to be at home when we could be rolling toward the border right now, but i'm sure i don't have to tell you that.

great riding with you. sorry again for talking you into that lava mountain ordeal. what a disaster.

E-Ninja said...

I have to say I was bragging to my co-workers about your adventure. I think my wife got tired of me saying David is here, or David is there. I hope you are doing well. Great job as far as you went not too many people can ever say they have done that. I hope you get some good R&R.

Sarah said...

Hi David, Sarah (Simon's missus) here. Great to hear you are recovering ok (damn those bacteria!). Sounds like it was a little bit like Russian Roulette out there regarding bugs in the water.