Friday, June 13, 2008

Where's David?

Note: The race begins June 20th at noon.
As a nice little surprise before my departure. Dave and Heather sprung for a Spot Satellite Tracking device. This is a first generation unit which makes it both heavy and impressive. You can go to my SpotCasting page and see a Google map of my progress. If you right click (control-click on mac) the latest spot message it will give you a menu that includes elevation profile; which should explain why I am moving so slow. The terrain feature is a really nice way to look at the map but the satellite will show the beautiful scenery I am enjoying.
I have been playing around with this unit for a couple of days and it is really simple to use. I just turn it on every day and it begins transmitting every ten minutes. Not every message goes through due to clouds, trees, canyons, etc. but from the bike riders I have seen using the system it does a very good job.
The unit and service are quite expensive so If you are around the Bistro drop a few bucks in the bucket to help with the cost.
P.S. I just noticed the Google Quote of the day.

"The best way out is always through." Robert Frost

Phot0: Ben Tobin


PV said...

Best of luck to ya David. We're all pulling for you here in Spokane. I heard of your adventure in the Inlander. I enjoy mountain biking and I commute to work 26 miles a day on a bike, nothing compared to your journey. You're in our prayers as you start the race today.
Vaughn Wood

Dr. Logan said...

Good luck! It will be fun tracking your progress.

E-Ninja said...

Hey, good luck can't wait to hear how it all went. I'll be checking your progress daily.

jjdoan said...

Just heard from your cousin, Sam. Hoping to send some good vibes from Boise, Idaho. What an adventure! Looking forward to tracking your progress. I hope you feel the "cycling love".