Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's Missing?

It occurred to me today that while spending my morning ride accessing the State Of My Fitness that there were things missing. Missing are the slight knee pain that I never let concern me, the tired back and shoulders that can develop during consecutive long days early in the season and the hand and wrist discomfort that forces me to adjust my hand positions constantly. The only conclusion that I can draw is that the fit of my new bike is so spot on that things I assumed were just part of being almost 40 years old and spending hour after hour on a bike are no longer there. Kudos to Independent Fabrications for building me a better bike than I was expecting but damn them for ruining me on stock, off-the-rack frames. Custom geometry is worth it.
The only hitch I have encountered is that in order to make the fickle Koobi saddle work with my geometry, I had to switch to a set back seatpost, but the proof is in the joints, and as a single speeder I have to watch out for my knees especially.


Jimbo said...

The great divide is a long way! It had better be comfortable. Why no disk on the rear? And what kind of bag/ rack system are you going to use?

David Blaine said...

I wanted to avoid the eccentric bottom bracket for the chain tensioning. I would have done the same brakes up front but suspension forks for 29ers are limited to disc specific. I have come to feel ok about the disc up front but I am still glad I did not put one in the back. Just my preference that is all.
I am using a rackless bag system from Jeff at CDW. You can check out my bike and his other bags here:

Jimbo said...

I like my rear disk but it makes tire changes a pain as I have to loosen the caliper. Other than that it is great. CDW bags look great and are proven on the GDR.