Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

After a week of single digit temperatures, the warm moist air from the South Pacific moved into town. The 13.7 inches of snow that fell in the last 24 hours broke the single day record snowfall that has stood since 1950. And as Matt Chester points out, this aint the champagne powder of Utah and Colorado. For most of the day it was 31-33 degrees while it was snowing. This is the heavy snow that makes driving near impossible and biking just a bad idea.
This morning is a true snow day. The storm has passed, the blue sky is more than blue and all of the schools have closed. The temperature has dropped back down to 9 degrees.
Yesterday, I got a workout downhill skiing through 24+fresh inches at the local hill. Today I will bike get some biking in simply for the fact that I am out of coffee, but for the most part training is not in the cards. This is when I start wondering about my preparations. I always go through this.
I feel slow. I feel heavy. I lament the distractions. Everyone is riding more than me. I am procrastinating the work I need to do. I am not stretching. Time is ticking. Deadlines are coming. I won't be ready. And yet I find a way to do what I want to do.
I fall back to my mantras:
Don't train, practice- Kent Peterson
You can't train for a 1000 mile run, you can only rest- Yiannis Kouros
I am Buddha, not a Buick- Tom Robbins
Meditate when you can't perspirate- David Blaine

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SeattleM&M said...

Hey, I thought was the only slow, heavy procrastinator out there. Anyway, just checking in to let you know I like your blog -- both because I hope to do the Great Divide in another year or two, and because I went to law school right there in Spokane and like reading about the trails around there. Keep up the good work, and the riding.